Perl 5.12.2, Solaris, Sun Studio, -m64, -Dvendorprefix woes.

UPDATE Nick Clark dug into this and determined it’s a bug in Sun Studio 12.1. Use 12.2 to build Perl. If anyone wants at Oracle wants to buy him some beers, send someone from Sun with them. UPDATE

I spent a fair chunk of yesterday afternoon (between diaper changing, swaddling, swinging, singing, and so forth) debugging a weird problem with Perl 5.12.2 on Solaris.

I had been deploying an updated pkgsrc build with ABI=64 and Sun^WSolaris Studio 12.1 for a new project, and ran into perl@pkgsrc segfaulting on certain modules. Extremely weird. I pulled the source and built that without issue, adding only -Dcc=cc -Accflags='m64' Aldflags='-m64' to build it 64bit with Studio.

This particular project requires deploying Perl modules in tiers, and I thought I would use vendor_perl for stuff I want installed by default that may not necessarily need to live in site_perl. As soon as I rebuilt Perl with -Dvendorprefix the same modules started throwing segv at me.

About five hours of rebuilds later (works fine with gcc, Studio and 32bit, 64bit on Linux with gcc, etc), and here’s the bug report.

Narrowing it down to that I just decided to use APPLLIB_EXT and site_perl.

Very weird.

Posted Thursday, December 16th, at 5:01 AM (∞).
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